How do I set up the HubSpot CRM integration?

Crystal's native HubSpot integration allows you to view Crystal's rich personality data directly in your CRM.

Connect your Hubspot account and automatically enrich your contacts with Crystal’s personality data. Leverage new data fields - like DISC type, DISC Overview, behavioral traits, and more - for your Contacts.

Hubspot - Implementation Instructions:

Step 1: Navigate to Crystal's Integrations Page

Click the Hamburger Menu ➞ Organization ➞ Integrations

  • Click Add Hubspot
Step 1

Step 2: Connect your CRM account

Click Connect ➞ Sign in

  • This will automatically create new fields in your CRM. You may have to adjust permissions to show the newly created fields and/or edit where they show up in your views.

Step 2

Step 3: Configure your CRM

Add your API key shared by your Crystal Customer Success Manager.

  • Mapping the CRM field which contains the LinkedIn URL is helpful for match rates but not required.

Step 3

Step 4: Select your enrichment configuration by toggling on the most appropriate options

See which enrichment configuration options below fits best with your processes.

Step 4

  • Enrich Contact
    When this setting is turned on, it will  add personality data to every new contact upon creation.
  • Conditionally Enrich Contact
    This option allows you to enrich contacts that meet a certain field condition. This is helpful if you want to only enrich contacts that fall into a certain lifecycle or lead status.
    • i.e. Lifestyle Stage > Sales Qualified Lead triggers a contact to be enriched
    • To use a check box, set the field to be the name of the field, and the value to be true will enrich all of your contacts that are/become Sales Qualified Leads.

Step 5: Click the X in the top left-hand corner of the window to close out of the integration setup. 

  • Selections save automatically.


NOTE: Integrations and integrations support is only currently available for users on our Business or Enrichment plan. Speak with our team to learn more.