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How do I remove members from my Crystal team?

Remove individual licenses from users or remove users altogether using Crystal's Organization page under Crystal's main dashboard menu > settings > Organization.


Follow the steps below to remove individual licenses or remove users altogether from your Crystal team.

  1. Navigate to the Organization's page from Crystal's main dashboard menu > settings > Organization (you'll find it in the hamburger dropdown to the far right).
    Crystal Organization Settings menu link.
  2. The "Members" tab shows all users on your Crystal account. Select "Access" in the right corner for the team member you'd like to remove.
    Crystal Organization Settings main Members page.

  3. Click on “Remove from organization”. This action will remove the selected user entirely from your Crystal account. If you'd rather remove specific Crystal licenses, follow step #4 instead.
    Crystal Organization Settings removing a user from your Organization.

  4. To turn off a team member's specific Crystal licenses without removing them entirely from your Crystal account uncheck the blue box next to the license(s) you'd like to remove for the specific user. 
    Crystal Organization Settings removing licenses from a specific user.