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How do I print a profile?

You can print any Crystal Profile by selecting the "Print" button on the left-hand sidebar menu of a profile.


Follow the steps below to print any profile:

  1. Log into the Crystal dashboard (at crystalknows.com/app/login).
  2. Navigate to the profile you want to print.
  3. In the left-hand sidebar menu of the profile choose "Print."Crystal_-_Profile-3
  4. Confirm the profile sections you want to print by selecting or de-selecting the profile sections and confirm your selection with the "Print" button.
  5. Use your system dialog print settings to choose your printer and print settings (this step will vary based on your computer's operating system).

NOTE: The print option for profiles is currently only available for subscription holders. If you'd like to add a subscription to your account, just head to our Upgrades page here to view the options.