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How Do I Find a Personality Profile?

Invite Connections or Co-workers on your People page or view Predicated profiles through our Chrome Extension.

Here are a few ways to find a personality profile using Crystal:

  • Invite Connections - invite someone to join Crystal or connect with a Crystal user and see their basic profile for free! 
  • View Your Co-workers - If you are apart of a company page, you can view your co-worker's profiles for free. Anyone on the co-workers tab is a Crystal user from your company. 
  • Chrome Extension. - There are two ways to access personality profiles via Crystal for Chrome:
    • 1. Visit a LinkedIn profile and open the sidebar by selecting the View Personality button (right side of webpage) 
    • 2. Open up a new email in Gmail and enter an email address. View the predicted personality by click on the Crystal icon.