How do I use the Crystal API? (Closed Beta)

Explore the functions of the Crystal API below (closed beta).

The Crystal API is currently in closed beta.

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The Crystal API is currently available in beta. 

Activate your Token

We are not currently offering API tokens because the API is in closed beta.

Getting Started

Every request requires this header:

Authorization: Bearer YOUR_TOKEN

People API

The People API enables you to access all of the personality profiles associated with anyone on your Crystal team. This includes coworkers, candidates, and customers profiles. Team administrators can use this data to create integrations to your own internal database or CRM.

GET /v1/people

Query Parameters:

query: string - filters people by name or email address


"content": {
"profile": {
"overview": [
"This person tends to be persuasive and independent, taking frequent calculated risks and sometimes disregarding existing structures entirely.",
"This person tends to be a quick thinker, ambitious, persuasive, resistant to formal structure, and drawn to calculated risks.",
"This person tends to communicate directly and make decisions independently, sometimes disregarding existing structures or standards.",
"This person tends to be bold and direct in communication, favoring the big picture over details and swift action over analysis.",
"This person tends to be an enthusiastic adventurer: resentful of formal structures but serious and decisive in execution."
"behavior": {
"phrase": [
"Immediately projecting assertiveness and confidence",
"Driving others to action",
"Building and maintaining momentum",
"Completing projects more quickly than others",
"Saying something bluntly without details"
"motivation": {
"phrase": [
"Making quick decisions",
"Ambitious goals",
"Opportunities to advance",
"Taking charge",
"Leading others"
"drainer": {
"phrase": [
"Failing to achieve goals",
"Deep research and analysis",
"Keeping their opinion to themselves",
"Slow, drawn-out events"
"communication": {
"phrase": [
"Avoid being quiet or reserved",
"Keep conversation brief",
"Let them take the lead",
"Don't be afraid to disagree",
"Share a compelling story"
"meeting": {
"phrase": [
"Make an effort to meet their goals",
"Prepare for pushback",
"Send a bulleted list with anything they needs to prepare",
"Quickly address the purpose of the meeting",
"Crack a few jokes"
"selling": {
"phrase": [
"Ask about their goals",
"Project confidence",
"Break your pitch up into bite-sized chunks",
"Make an effort to focus the conversation",
"Keep the discussion high-level"
"working_together": {
"phrase": [
"Always focus on the team's overall goal",
"Stay focused on the bottom line",
"Implement good ideas quickly",
"Give them a chance to take charge",
"Don't be afraid to take risks"