What happened to the Reports?

In April 2020, we updated our “Reports” feature to a new, customizable page called “Playbooks”. If you’re familiar with the Reports feature in Crystal, you know that with reports, you could take any group of people and get general relationship/group insights. Playbooks are replacing Reports, and each Playbook can be customized for many common situations at work (with more templates on the way). 

Playbooks give you personality insights and advice for a specific group of people and a specific situation. It can tell you things like: 

  • How to negotiate pricing with a new client. 
  • How a potential new hire might relate to their new colleagues and boss. 
  • How leaders can resolve a conflict within their team.  
  • How your key customer personas think, behave, and make decisions. 

We built Playbooks as a better way to help our customers put together shareable personality insights for many situations.

However, with the change to Playbooks, you will still have access to any reports that you previously created. They’re available to view in the Playbooks tab of the Crystal dashboard. 

You can view old reports or get started with Playbooks here: crystalknows.com/app/playbook-builder