How do you create a Group Fit Report?

Follow these steps to create a Group Fit Report

On the Crystal Dashboard, using the top menu, navigate to the "Reports" page:

Reports FAQ1-1

Scroll down to find "Group Fit Report" and select "Build Report"

Report FAQ5

1. Select the primary profile you'd like to analyze the fit for, I've selected Greg

2. Search for the users you'd like to add to the report. You can see here I've selected Walter and Drew.

3. Now select "NEXT"

NOTE: in order to add someone to a report, they will need to have a personality profile created either by taking an assessment themselves or by you predicting their personality using the Chrome Extension.

report faq 6

This report will give you insights into how one person fits in with a team. See a portion of the report I created below:

Report FAQ 8

If you'd like to see what the full report looks like, check out the sample Group Fit Report.