How do I use the integration with Salesforce?

Crystal's native integration with Salesforce allows you to surface personality insights directly in your CRM and automate all of Salesforce with the new DISC Type contact property.


Before you get started, make sure you've correctly set up the Crystal integration with Salesforce.

Crystal’s Salesforce Integration provides Crystal’s rich personality data directly in Salesforce with two powerful features: the Crystal Chrome Extension in Salesforce and personality data enrichment for your CRM records (available for Leads and Contacts).

To access Crystal’s personality insights, open the Crystal Chrome Extension on any record in your CRM. If you have everything set up, you’ll see Crystal’s Chrome Extension pinned to the right of your screen. Click “View Personality.” To view insights in Salesforce, you’ll need to have already predicted the contact’s personality in LinkedIn with Crystal. Crystal will automatically match your predictions with your CRM records when we find a match, or we’ll prompt you to match a prediction if we’re unsure manually.

Crystal’s Salesforce integration also brings DISC personalities into your Salesforce records as a custom field on the Lead or Contact level. DISC Types are pushed over for all predictions for contacts you have in Crystal that are also in your CRM. Look for the field called DISC Type and DISC Archetype on the Lead or Contact objects.

Note: you will need to add these fields to your record views to make them visible to your Salesforce users.

Finally, leverage DISC Types in Salesforce to build out custom automation using all of Salesforce's automation features (like Flows and Process Builder) or gain valuable reporting based on personality. For example, if we want to know how our Sales team performs against personality types, we can create a cross-object report between Contacts and Opportunities, breaking down the number of closed-won deals by DISC Type.salesforce chart v2