How do I set up the Outreach integration?

Crystal's native Outreach integration allows you to use Crystal's Chrome Extension in Outreach.


Once set up, this integration will allow you to use the Crystal Chrome Extension in Outreach. Note: you need to have previously predicted the contact's personality on LinkedIn to surface the Chrome Extension in Outreach. This integration does NOT enrich Contacts with DISC Types in Outreach.

To get started you'll need:

Follow the steps below to get integrated:

  1. Log In to your Crystal admin account (you can find our login page here).
  2. Navigate to the Organization's page from Crystal's main dashboard menu > settings > Organization (you'll find it in the hamburger dropdown to the far right).

  3. Note: Only users with the  "Member Managers / Admin" role are able to access the "Organization" menu option.
  4. Select "Integrations" from the left-hand navigation.
  5. Select "Add Outreach."
  6. In the pop-up modal, click "Integration Outreach."  The link will navigate you to Outreach. Sign in if you are not already.
  7. On the Outreach Authorization page, click "Authorize."

You are now integrated with Outreach.