How do I remove the Salesforce CRM integration?

You can remove Crystal's Salesforce integration through Salesforce's App Manager.


Follow the steps below to remove Crystal's Salesforce integration: 
Note: you'll need the correct permissions in Salesforce to access Salesforce's App Manager and complete the uninstallation. If you don't have the correct permissions, check with your Salesforce Admin.

Follow the steps below to uninstall the integration:

  1. Log into your Salesforce admin account.
  2. Navigate to Setup in the Settings Menu.
  3. In the Setup sidebar, search for "App Manager" and open the App Manager settings page.
  4. Find Crystal in the list and click "Manage" in the dropdown menu for the Crystal App.
  5. Click "Uninstall."

Note: it will take a few hours for Crystal to reflect that the Salesforce integration has been successfully uninstalled once you've followed the steps above. If you need to re-install the integration, you'll need to wait for Crystal to re-show the "Add Salesforce" button under your Crystal Integration page.