How do I get communication coaching in Slack?

Watch the video or follow the below steps to get advice from Crystal in Slack

HubSpot Video

Once Crystal is installed in your Slack account (go here to see how to do this if it's not done already), you can get situation-specific advice for anyone in either the Crystal Channel or from within a Direct Message

On either the Crystal Channel or from within a Direct Message, type in /crystal-coach your communication method @name of a coworker and the situation. Eg. "/crystal-coach call @brittney feedback" and if they have taken the personality assessment, Crystal will give you advice on what you should say, do, and not do for that conversation. It looks like this:

Slack FAQ 2.0

Contact methods are either call, meeting, or email.

To see the list of scenarios you can get advice on, type "/crystal-coach help" anywhere in Slack.

Slack FAQ 2.2

There you have it! That's how you can view situation-specific advice based on someone's personality from within Slack. If you want to see how you can view their personality profile, check out this article.