How to Create Group Reports

How to Create Group Reports

To create a Group Report, log into your Crystal Dashboard:

  • Select My Reports, then Group Reports
  • Select Create a New Group. Name your group and click Save.

There are two ways to add profiles to your group.

  • #1: select your group, and then Add New Profile to Group. You can locate contacts by email or invite a user to join Crystal. This option will trigger an email to be sent to the other person so they can sign up for Crystal.

  • #2: Go to My Contacts and click on the contact card for the person you want to add to the group.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Group Reports, click on the dropdown list of your reports and select the Group you’d like to add this person to
  • Go back to the Group Reports page
  • Click Analysis to see all of the information about this group