How to Use Crystal on Any Website

How to Use Crystal on Any Website

Use Crystal to create a predicted personality profile based on text from any website across the web.

To do this, use the Text Analysis tool or Chrome Extension

Analyzing sample text:

If you can’t find a profile in our database, head over to any website and copy and paste a snippet of text from the person. This works best using:

  • A Resume
  • An About Me section
  • Social Media profiles (we recommend LinkedIn)
  • A Bio page

Here’s an example of how to copy, paste and analyze an About Me portion of someone’s website:

Doing this is simple. Here are the steps:

  • Input the text and click the small Crystal button at the top of the page.  
  • A side panel will appear
  • Select Create Profile
  • Input first and last name and the sample text
  • Click Analyze

After you select Analyze Text, you can see Crystal’s prediction on the personality type of the writer.